The idea of creating the Recycled Cloud was born by observing the astronomical amount of waste generated by the disposal of old computer servers from companies and data centers.

This industry throws away servers while they are still functional. We think this waste can easily be avoided. Every day, many servers are produced, using earth's rare minerals (sometimes failing to provide decent working conditions or even exploiting children), this environmental impact is huge. We think it’s a shame not to use the products to their full potential and long lifecycle. We do not want to support programmed obsolescence, therefore we have decided to re-use, repair and re-use, again and again, until the hardware can no longer function.

This thought is aligned with our values:

We want to help our customers minimize the effect their ICT has on the planet by re-using servers that would otherwise go to waste and to offer you a bespoke cloud, 100% local (Switzerland), 100% recycled and 100% committed.

This is what we love doing.

And we do it with as much meaning as possible.

Our data centers use all the best known practices and we provide our cloud services in the most sustainable way, by:

And our Recycled.Cloud service is just beginning. We have many more ideas, so stay tuned!

Recycled Cloud can be a beginning for you as well. We have many things to share and can help you move your IT forward in a sustainable way. Reach out to get our help and facilitate these steps.

By using the Recycled.Cloud, you choose to trust innovative ideas and you support this transition to more ecological IT services and infrastructures.


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