We are saddened by the broken state of the world, and the role that IT - which, for many of us, is our working field - is taking in destroying it. We see the current uses of IT technologies as major social, political, economical and ecological offenders. However, computers are not going away anytime soon, and are formidable tools for human communication.

This leaves us with no choice but to fight to bring IT infrastructure as close as possible to our vision of what, how and why they should be.

There is no such thing as 'green' or 'sustainable' IT.
IT will always require high-tech globalised insdustries, as well as rare and hard to get resources. A maddening amount of those are thrown away: we get (most of) our hardware from the second-hand market... and landfills. We try to be the lesser evil but are not and can never be 'green'.

IT and 'high tech' in general are not necessarly the right solution to a problem.
They are no different from any other tool. You cannot work around an ill-defined problem by aimlessly throwing resources and 'solutions' at it.

For better or for worse, we already live in a world controlled by technology.
We cannot let any single entity seize control of our tech: we work in the open, with open tools, gladly welcoming anyone who wants to join, not locking them in our ecosystem.

We fight against the use of technology as a mean of control and manipulation.
We fight against centralization, both for technical and governance reasons. We are not one company, but a federation of small hosting providers with similar ideology.

We hope to build a federation of small independent hosting providers. We would be glad to hear from you if you're interested!