Web Hosting - Static, Wordpress, Generic

Static Website

Low-footprint, pre-generated static website hosting. You can use tools such as Publii to manage your website. There is no management interface to edit the website: it is your responsibility to provide a functional website.

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Wordpress Website

We deploy a dedicated wordpress instance, the Content Management System (CMS) most used on the web, for you. The website is dynamically generated and can be managed via a web interface.

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Generic PHP

Generic PHP+MySQL/PGSQL hosting: doable on demand, please contact us with your needs (storage, CPU, Memory, dependencies).

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Storage - Backup and file sharing

Borg Backups

We offer borg-based append-only backups on the recycled cloud. Managed backups can be offered by your local provider.

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File Sharing

We offer Nextcloud-based file sharing and syncing.

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Generic Hosting - Virtual Machines

KVM Virtual Machine

We offer unmanaged Virtual Machines (VMs), which can run either one of our images our your own. We currently have images ready for Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Alpine Linux, but other distributions and *BSD can be defined on demand.

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Linthal GL, Switzerland

Three shelves, 100 Mbps (burstable to 1Gbps) upstream, operated by e-Durable SA in ungleich's Datacenterlight.

Lausanne VD, Switzerland

One 42U rack, 100 Mbps upstream, operated by e-Durable SA.

Froideville VD, Switzerland

Two 42U racks, 1 Gbps upstream, operated by e-Durable SA.

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