Local and recycled cloud services.

Swiss-based and as sustainable as we can.

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Solutions for your projects

Web Hosting

Low-footprint static website, Wordpress and generic PHP hosting.

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Borg-based backup service and file syncing with NextCloud.

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Generic Hosting

KVM virtual machines, running either one of our images or your own.

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Members & Friends

We wish the Recycled Cloud to be backed by a multitude of small organizations, fighting against centralization and promoting a more local and humans-centered IT.

How can you help?

Donate unused hardware

... or make sure you don't buy any new without a good reason!

Spread the word!

We still have spare resources in our current infrastructure.

Join the federation!

We would gladly welcome new members, helping them help us run the infrastructure running our Cloud.

Interested? Reach out to our team!

Tech Stack

The technical documentation of the Recycled Cloud is public and available under an open license. We build atop Free/Libre and Open Source Software in the most open way we can find: we find no value in keeping our work for ourselves.

We are grateful for the many existing projects we use as building blocks, and contribute back as much as we can.

Technical Documentation